Urgent Hunger Relief Appeal

30/04/2020 10:50
Urgent need: Many people in the villages around Tamu are suffering from hunger because of the recent COVID-19 quarantine restrictions in Myanmar. People are not allowed to leave their homes to work, and many are “day labourers”. If they do not work, they do not eat. There are no unemployment payments to help. The government has distributed some food, but it is not enough, and much of it never reaches the smaller villages.
Please make a donation today to our "Special Projects: COVID 19 Hunger Relief" fund. One hundred percent (100%) will be used to provide food for hungry villagers in rural North West Myanmar. 

FoM bank details; Friends of Myanmar, TSB Bank, account no. 02451031 Sort Code 30-97-80, OR you can donate via the website: https://friendsofmyanmar.webnode.com/