Myanmar Mission March 2015

10/03/2015 17:14

Myanmar Mission March 2015

Friends of Burma have teamed up with another Christian charity - Epiphany Christian Faith Ministries to put together a small team for a mission to Burma from the 1st – 21st March this year.  The team is truly ecumenical, comprising 5 experienced mission minded Christian ministers from different traditions; Anglican, Baptist, Charismatic and Independent Evangelical, working together for a common purpose.

The mission will include visiting different parts of Burma holding three 3-day conferences for the Anglican church leaders in the Anglican Dioceses of Mandalay and Sittwe, and also other local church leaders, as well as school visits, evangelistic/healing services, Gospel magic shows and other socio-economic engagements.

Your prayers for this mission would be of great value to us, and if you are able to support in some way financially, details are given below.

A more detailed overview of the mission is included below for your prayers.

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