Friends of Myanmar launches £20,000 building appeal at Onkhojang Boarding School

21/11/2018 14:20
In 2015 we were able to open St. Andrew's Hall, a brand new buiding to replace the old timber one. Now it's time to replace the rest of the school buidlings with up-to-date accommodation.  The old kitchen on the ground floor was badly damaged by Monsoon floods. This development will provide a new dormitory for the girls on the first floor, with kitchen, store and a dining room on the ground floor. You'll see in other news that the appeal is off to a flying start, with the new kitchen already finished and in use! This is thanks to donations already received. We would like to build the rest as soon as possible, so please give what you can. 
During his visit in April, FoM Secretary Revd James Robertson laid a symbolic foundation stone on the site, and prayed for the success of the project.